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I started adding an image a day to my website, johnfarnsworth.com/picture-of-the-day-.htm, back in September, 2006. That was my intention, anyway. Actually, it was January of 2008 before I was able to get really dependable about posting on a daily basis. Now I’ve decided it’s time to turn my Picture a Day into a blog. I decided to call it When a Painter Snaps, an idea for a book title that’s been rolling around in the back of my head for a couple of years. Stay tuned. 

For openers, here’s a Picture of the Day:


This dark beauty was hanging around the Bright Angel Lodge at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, grabbing treats from the tourists and helping keep the park clean. 


I was born just down the road, in Williams, Arizona, the Gateway to the Grand Canyon, and lived at the Canyon a couple of summers, when my Dad, an engineer on the railroad, drove the train from Williams to the Canyon. My uncle, Louis K. Farnsworth, was section foreman on the Santa Fe at the Canyon for twenty years or so, back in the ‘fifties, and helped me land my first full-time job out of High School. But it didn’t take long for me to realize that washing dishes at the El Tovar Hotel was not my life’s calling!

One evening when I was working there, some friends from Williams came up to see me, and we went to the nightly dance at Bright Angel. We met some young ladies on their way to Los Angeles for training as Santa Fe nurses. We tried to talk them into letting us drive them back to Williams, where their train was laid-over for the night, but they weren’t falling for that one. So I said,

“If I can get the train to stop and let you off on the edge of town, will you go with us and party a while?”

I guess they felt pretty confident that that would never happen, so they agreed.

I went to everyone on the train crew, told them who I was, and what I was up to and asked them to please let those girls off at the “wye”. No promises. But I had my fingers crossed. We jumped in the car and raced the train back to Williams. We parked at the wye and waited. My friends teased me mercilessly. Who did I think I was, that I could stop a train!

Their tune changed, though, when the train ground to a halt right in front of us, and the conducter opened the door, put out the step, and helped each of the girls from the train. They piled into the car with us, and off we went to party the night away.

I’ll bet that train crew got a hearty chuckle out of old John Farnsworth’s cheeky kid. Thanks guys! And girls, wherever you are, I hope you have some fond memories of that night, too.

Well, there you have it. I’m a blogger now. Now I have to figure out how to make it easy for you to sign up for an RSS Feed, so you can come back automatically.



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